CutPriceMattresses Giving Away Free Mattresses to Help Refuges Have Better Night Sleep!

While you are sleeping soundly each night in your comfortable bed, there are thousands of refugees across this region that are sleeping on floors in local shelters because of a lack of bedding. Chances are you are already familiar with the huge selection of affordable at quality mattresses at CutPriceMattresses and how we remove mattresses for our customers. Now you have the opportunity to help us to help those less fortunate by donating your mattresses so we can provide someone in a need a comfortable place to sleep tonight.



Spreading the Word to Help Those in Need

We are trying to raise awareness to an issue that is getting to reach epidemic proportions. Simply contact CutPriceMattresses and we will come to you and pick up your mattress for free within a 5 mile radius of our shop and distribute them to local charity organizations so that families of refugees across region get a quality sleep tonight. When you call to have your old mattress picked-up, there is no cost to you at all. Professional movers will come to your home at an agreed upon time that is convenient for you and remove your old mattress in a safe and timely manner.

Why is CutPriceMattresses Doing This?

We have seen first hand how these refugees are subjected to sleeping on cold hard floors, and this is especially heartbreaking when children are involved. No child should ever have to sleep on a floor, and we are committed to making sure as many of these families have a place tonight to get some quality sleep. We are raising awareness to help to bring our community together and strengthen the bonds we already have in this region. By bringing awareness to this problem, more people in a position to help can contribute in their own way.


Doing Your Part to Strengthen this Community 

Even if you do not have a mattress to donate, you can still have a huge positive impact by helping to spread the word about this cause. Take a drive to your local charity organizations and see first hand how overcrowding has lead to the need for these mattresses. When you see children huddled together on floors trying to stay warm and comfortable at night, you will never feel the same about this issue. The power of social media can have a huge impact on our ability to help those in need.


If you or somebody that you know is in the market for a new mattress, make sure they are aware that when we deliver their new mattress, that we will take the old mattress away for free and deliver it right to a local charity so that a needy family has a comfortable place to sleep tonight. Regardless how old your mattress, if you are still sleeping on it at night then a needy person in our community will be grateful for that mattress. Let us all do our own part to help to bring awareness to this issue and contribute as best we can so that no one is left to sleep on a cold floor tonight.